OneThousand Pictures

my memory is bad - i did fotostudys and then tried to remember them and redraw them

small post this week mostly with last weeks theme “learning from photos” which i decided to continue a bit. working on another project which i don’t want to post yet. also this weeks theme “the outside world” means i drawing in my scetchbook and i am too fucking lazy to scan it :) and this scetchbook drawings my drawings look really awful, i always whished i had my wacom tablet Q.Q i learned about how much pain in the ass plants are to draw. first day was botanic garden. today it will be a crystal museum. and we will go to see some dino bones too :D (es our drawing weeks starts late)

learning from photos week - alot of movie stills. was a really tough week cause i get bored really fast when i draw from fotos… you can see it on the faces - managed to put some effort in the backgrounds and when it comes to draw the foreground i always lost the motivation :) but it’s still a good thing to learn alot about color

found no time for the real 30 minute speedpaintings so i scribbled some of the themes